Congratulations on the official website of Dalian Daxin Machinery Co. Ltd


In order to better enhance and display the company's image, strengthen network publicity, improve user experience, and create good conditions for the company's operation and development, the company's website has been successfully upgraded and revised!


The new version of the company's website is not just a simple page optimization and rearrangement, but an all-round upgrade from the aspects of communication concept, content construction, user experience, etc. This website revision aims to facilitate product publicity and improve the company's influence. The column setting, function design, service content and form of expression of the website have been greatly adjusted. The column section has been newly added according to the demand, and the company's information resources have been further integrated to provide customers with more efficient and convenient services!


The new website can be self-adaptive to terminal displays such as computers, tablets and mobile phones, making it convenient for customers to browse and share information anytime, anywhere! We hope that new and old customers, partners and industry experts will continue to pay attention and provide more valuable opinions!